Eclipse News
  1. The world's leading technology vendors, including Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, and Tomitribe, are collaborating at the Eclipse Foundation to advance enterprise Java technologies to support the migration of mission-critical applications to the cloud.
  2. Active participation represents the best way to drive the vendor-neutral and rapid innovation necessary to modernize enterprise systems for cloud use cases.
  3. Today we announced the launch of the openMobility Working Group that will focus on open and shared collaboration around one of the major issues in urban planning around autonomous vehicles and future transportation requirements.
  4. Eclipse Foundation enterprise Java survey shows cloud deployments increasing over 2018 findings with 62% of Java developers building cloud native architectures now or within the year
  5. The results of the 2019 Jakarta EE Developer Survey are out. Almost 1,800 Java developers from around the world have spoken.